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Memories of Anthony Quinn

It was sad to learn of the passing of Francesco Quinn recently…it brought back such wonderful memories of his father, the legend, Anthony Quinn.  It was 1985 when Quinn Sr. brought his Zorba the Greek production to Toronto’s O’Keefe Centre.  I had the pleasure of organizing his publicity schedule and got to know the man a bit while ferrying him from interview to interview.  One episode stands out though…an avid fitness person, Anthony or Tony as he liked to be called, rode a bike  on the Martin Goodman Trail…in mid March!  He was so full of life at that time in his mid 70s.  Sad to think his son passed away so young, at 48, of a heart attack.  Check out the photo of Tony and I in the Rogue’s Gallery.

Are you a Les Miserables Fan?

If you are a fan of Les Miserables like I am, you may want to follow the US tour and the London company on twitter…@lesmisoffcial and @lesmisUSTour .  With the tour you can see when the production will be coming to your city.