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Issue #75: October 15, 2001


  • Well, it looks as though Andrew Lloyd Webber has rallied the troops and been able to put By Jeeves back on track for an October 28 opening at the Helen Hayes Theater. Earlier it was reported that the new musical would be among the casualties this fall in the wake of the terrorist attacks, scaring off the original investors. But all is back on track, which can only be a positive sign for Broadway in general. Let's hope other investors will step up to the plate at a time when their support is needed the most.

Broadway On The Road

  • All is not well for the new musical Peggy Sue Got Married. Toronto producer David Mirvish has closed the London production (it received less than favourable reviews) and will not be bringing the show to Toronto as scheduled. Following a successful workshop in Toronto in December, plans were put into motion for the London premiere and a May 2002 transfer to Toronto then ultimately, Broadway. The musical is currently on the Toronto Mirvish subscription series for spring so the producers will now have to look for another production to slot in.
  • Although road presenters are equally as nervous as Broadway producers are these days regarding the future of touring musicals, there is some good news to report. A top-notch revival of South Pacific has already embarked on a 50-week North American tour. Starring Michael Nouri (think Flashdance), who is committed for six months, the message of tolerance the musical preaches in the tune "You've got to Be Taught" is a timely reminder of the times. The revival has always been a favorite on the road and with recent events, escapes to a familiar musical promise to be as popular as ever. If this revival proves to be a hit on the road look for it to end up on Broadway sometime in 2002.

London's West End

  • On the casting news front, Frank Langella joins Joan Collins in Moon Over Buffalo, which opens at the Old Vic on October 15.

Bits & Pieces

  • Plans are quickly coming together for the shooting of the movie Chicago in Toronto. Already Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger are on board with talk of the sleazy lawyer Billy Flynn being played by Richard Gere. Let's hope they do the classic musical justice.
  • I'm making a quick trip to New York to visit friends and see Dance of Death starring Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellen. In my next column I will report on the trip and offer my impression on the state of Broadway and the ongoing efforts by the theatre community to ensure it survives.

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